2010 Blanc de Chasse-Spleen

Ahh, white Bordeaux. There is something about white BDX to me and I’m not sure what. It might be the fact that still Bordeaux is renowned 99% for it’s reds and it’s maybe that, that lowers your expectations when opening a white Bordeaux. It’s kind of the same with red Loire. They get me quicker and more easily, because I still link that area to its more famous white wines. The same (in colourwise the opposite way) is key with white Bordeaux.

Mostly made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, however in some white Bordeaux Muscadelle makes an appearance too. The wines are aromatic, and good friends with oak. In general, all good white Bordeaux have at least seen oak for a couple of months.

So, here we have Blanc de Chasse-Spleen: the white, rarer brother of Ch. Chasse-Spleen. Located in Moulis-en-Medoc, of all of the 113 ha Chasse-Spleen owns, only 2 ha is used for its white. Made from 65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Semillon.

Tasting note:
A clear wine, lemon, gold coloured medium intensity. Clean nose of medium+ intensity, developing with aroma’s of tropical fruit, spiciness and minerals. Some smoke and vanilla due to oak. Stone fruit, lemon fruit, all fresh. Green apple.

On the palate, the wine is dry. Good acidity, good intensity. Flavours of ripe fruit, both citrus and stone fruit again. Apricot, pineapple. Some vanilla. Lots of minerals. Long finish. Very good structure. The acidity keeps the wine exciting. Oily, palate covering flavours and acidity and minerality that cuts through. This wine is packed with flavour. This is clearly young, though not too young for my palate. It can cellar for another 5+ years but certainly drinkable now. It will improve as the oak is not fully integrated in the wine in my opinion and might be a little off-balance now. However; this is nuance.

I think this wine is very good, and an amazing example of how exciting white Bordeaux can be. At a suggested retail of €25, this is something you should buy two bottles (at least) of: one for now and one in 5 years.



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