Monday wine fact: Musigny and Corton

Did you know:

In the Cotes de Nuits, the only Grand Cru appellation for white wines is Le Musigny. Nowadays the only producer producing a significant amount of white Musigny is Comtes Georges de Vogüé (0,33 ha). Needless to say this wine costs a fortune, if you are able to find it at all. The original reason that this vineyard is partly planted with Chardonnay is because back in the old days, Le Musigny Pinot Noir contained up to 10% Chardonnay. Now, as our general taste has changed, there is no need to blend in the Chardonnay in the Pinot Noir, so the Chardonnay part of Le Musigny is bottled separately.

On the other side of the Cotes d’Or, the Cotes de Beaune, there is only one Grand Cru appellation for red wine! Le Corton. Most people tend to think Le Corton is part of the CdNuits, but in fact it’s CdBeaune. Corton-Charlemagne is a famous white Grand Cru, and Le Corton is the red brother.



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