2009 Chateau Lamery Autrement

2009 Chateau Lamery Autrement
As in most wine-making parts of the world organically made wine is gaining ground, money-driven Bordeaux doesn’t seem to care very much about this whole respect-for-the-land-mentality. “As long as prices go up, we’re good”. Chateau Lamery thinks and acts different.

Situated in Aurillac, Jacques Broustet (about 10km as the crow flies from Sauternes) owns Chateau Lamery, one of the few organic and biodynamic wineries in Bordeaux. He owns roughly 3 ha of vineyards where he has been making his wine since 2006. Uses close to zero sulphites, harvests by hand and yields only 25hl per ha. Annual production is about 6500 bottles a year.

The result? Not your average blockbuster, tannic Bordeaux. Instead a fruity, elegant wine. Broustet calls it a “vin d’Autrefois”, a wine from the past, referring to the time it was accepted for Bordeaux to be elegant and fruity. Made from 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 25% Malbec (!). On the nose you get tons of red fruit. On the palate, it’s got the intensity you expect, but being much more elegant. Almost like a good Burgundy, made from Bordeaux-grapes.

A very good wine, fairly priced at €16,50. Absolutely recommended!


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