2010 John Duval Plexus White

2010 John Duval Plexus White

John Duval, a winemaker who has been making wine at Penfold’s for 29 (!) years, decided to start his own wine label in 2003. With such an elaborate track record, his wines had to be good. He makes three red wines and a white, which I tasted last week and reviewing now. The 2010 vintage is actually his first vintage of the white. It’s made of Marsanne (62), Rousanne (26) and Viognier (12). There we go:

At first, the nose seemed a little bit unbalanced. There were lots of exotic fruit, apricot and peach, as well as some citrus fruit. However, all this fruit just seemed to be covered in oak. Too much oak. I must admit, I am quite sensitive to the usage of oak, but when it is used in a way some great white Burgundy’s used it, it absolutely contributes to the complexity and depth of a wine. It should be an underlying layer in a wine. Here, it was foremost present. Lots of toastiness, burnt wood, creaminess.

On the palate I had the same problem, though less intense. There was a fair amount of creamy vanilla and oak flavour, but the fruit began to show itself more. After 15 minutes the wine got more balanced, but unfortunately it still has an enourmous bit of oak. I would suggest you let this rest for a year or two, maybe it improves, but at the moment.. nah. 27 euro’s for this bottle is a serious amount of money.


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